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Artstepping is an interactive form of virtual artmaking commenting on Secondf Life art presented by real or avatar artist performing sculptures, paintings, videos, audios, happenings or other forms of conceptual art in Second Life. Each piece of artstepping is adressing a specific piece of virtual art in Second Life. Artstepping is, therefore - as Second Life itself - a virtual mindcopy of real life made possible by the 3D interactive social software on the 2D internet. Nis 2.0 is the artistname of the avartar Nis Nikolaidis.





"Walking on the New Steps"
An animated piece of art
Nis 2.0, March 2007

On February 27th. 2007 a cultural institution named Brandts in Odense, Denmark, opened their first exhibition in Second Life. Brandts presented at the same time the first ever virtual sculpture made by an real artist - Jesper Rasmussen (b. 1959) He called it "New Steps". When I visited the exhibition a few days later it came to my virtual mind, that New Steps needed another 3D interactive dimension. Virtual art in Second Life is - as art in real life - nothing in it self. It manifests itself in a construct made of the mind interacting with the artsubject. Therefore, I had to interact with the virtual sculpture in order to give new meanings to the new steps, I was about to take in Secondf Life. As a result "Walking on the New Steps" is the first ever virtual interactive artstepping piece of art. It was a happening in Second Life and is at the same time an animated piece of art in real life made possible from Second Life snapshots of the happening. Read more about Brandts@secondlife , Jesper Rasmussen , New Steps.old , weblog of Nis 2.0  (Weblog in Danish) , Brandts@Odense

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"Sitting on the Virtual Moves"
An animated piece of art
Nis 2.0, January 2008

On January 18th. 2008 the Danish National Gallery opened their first exhibition in Second Life. Behind the exhibition is an artinstitution called Tagging Art. They have invited nine professional artists among them the Danish Mogens Jacobsen. His work Cubes - a real wooden box at the museum and a virtual box in Second Life - invites the audience to interact with his piece of artwork. When I - the avartar Nis 2.0 - visited the exhibition it came to my virtual mind that if I didn't interact, there would be no art - virtual or real. By just sitting on the box, I gave new meanings to the concept of virtual artsitting. Read more about the exhibition Virtual Moves  (in Danish) , Tagging Art (in English), Mogens Jacobsen (in English), his Cubes (in English), Nis 2.0 comment on Tagging Art blog (in Englsih), weblog of Nis 2.0  (in Danish)

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